What every customer wants, listen to Sherry Côté, Customer Relationship Specialist

Who Is Sherry?

ecalling proudly that she was nominated by the Vancouver Women’s Information Network for the “Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” award, as well as named the “Discerning Woman of Surrey”, Sherry is very excited about the launch of her new presentations!

Training on every aspect of business operation, she is focused on identifying every single step (and the order in which they need to occur) to ensure her clients have the greatest opportunity for success.


In addition to her extensive training and consulting background , Sherry has owned a number of successful businesses throughout B.C. Some she purchased and “fixed” so that subsequent owners would inherit businesses that were on operating smoothly (e.g. Kelowna’s Bernard Callebaut Chocolate Store), while others she created from inception, whenever she identified a need to be fulfilled. Chardonnay Manor Bed & Barbecue, A Vista Day Spa, Heart & Sol VIP Sightseeing Tours as well as A Vista Villa Couples Retreat.

Her knowledge and ability to consistently exceed customer’s expectations is evidenced by the rave reviews always posted online with any of the businesses she has owned, together with the numerous awards she has won.

Experience ~ Lower Mainland

Public Accounting Practice, Nanaimo, B.C. – 12 years.
Realizing what she most enjoyed about her practice was assisting clients with the marketing, business planning and day-to-day operations of their business, she relocated to the lower mainland to pursue this passion.

Private Business Consulting, Vancouver, B.C. – 2 years

Staples & Company, 6 month private contract to design offices for this Employee Benefits Consultancy, set up systems and hire/train employees

B.C. Lung Association, 6 month private contract to transition this non-profit society from manual to computerized accounting programs

Douglas Centre for Enterprise Dev’t, Douglas College, New Westminster, B.C. – 5 years
Manager – counselled a workload of 80 – 100 people per month who were planning or starting a new business, or in a business and requiring guidance.

Ministry of Regional & Economic Development, New Westminster, B.C. – 1 year
Business Development Coordinator in the Government Agent’s Office.

Sherry Côté’s “Steps to Success” Inc., Vancouver, B.C. – 4 years
Established her own private training school, registered with the Private Post Secondary Education Commission of B.C. The mandate was “to be a resource, counselling, business library, training and planning office for would-be and existing entrepreneurs”, and operating as a “one-stop small business development centre”.

  • Federal “Self-Employment Incentives” Program, Lower Mainland
    Developed workshops and seminars from 16 – 80 hours presented to 1,000’s of existing and would-be entrepreneurs and sponsored by most lower mainland Chambers of Commerce and the Vancouver Better Business Bureau.
  • Continuing Education Programs, Lower Mainland
    Facilitated business programs at S.F.U., Kwantlen, Douglas & Okanagan Colleges.
  • Worker’s Compensation Board, Richmond, B.C.
    Private consultant providing intensive business counselling and training to rehabilitation clients.
  • “Steps to Success” Alumni Association, Surrey, B.C.

Experience ~ Okanagan

Since arriving to Kelowna 27 years ago, Sherry continues to offer private consultations and training to small to medium sized businesses, as well as the following:

Self-Employment Initiative Program, coordinated and facilitated business training workshops to recipients of Employment Insurance Payments to assist them to become self-employed.

Design Centre Interiors, 6 month private contract to restructure the company to be it’s best and to exceed customer’s expectations.

Bernard Callebaut Chocolate Store, purchased the business which was failing and re-built it to become the lead store (of 45 stores) in Canada – sold it.

Chardonnay Manor Bed & Barbecue, started the first “Bed & Barbecue” concept in the world and once it was operating successfully – sold it.

A Vista Villa Couples Retreat, designed and built a world class honeymoon and wedding destination resort, after 24 years of 5* operation – sold it.

Heart & Sol Tours, designed and built a VIP Sightseeing tour company (as Kelowna only had wine tour companies) and once it was operating successfully – sold it.

A Vista Day Spa, designed and built a luxurious day spa offering esthetic services to her guests at the resort as well as the community – sold it.