Business Community

"I would like to thank you very much for the extraordinary effort, organization and marketing response that you were able to offer me with this workshop. I found working with you very gratifying. Your enthusiasm, positive image and professionalism were a real pleasure!"

− Len Winter, District Manager, Management Services, Federal Business Development Bank

"I would like to thank you for the excellent contribution to our efforts to assist the Surrey Food Bank and put it on a sound, business-like foundation. Sherry's efforts have gone far beyond our expectations in advising, coordinating and facilitating activities to achieve the original goals"

− Rick Johnson, Director, Business and Community Relations, District of Surrey

"We have found the services from Sherry's department and the knowledge she conveys to small business to be invaluable. Sherry had also recently addressed our Independent Business Service Group at this office. We have no hesitation in referring existing and prospective entrepreneurs to Sherry whenever appropriate."

− Rupert A. Mendez, Manager, Independent Business, Royal Bank of Canada

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend this program. I have personally attended all these seminars and can vouch for the quality and content of these seminars. I was impressed by the professional, positive teaching methods used to put the pertinent points across to business people."

− Peter Maarsman, President, Surrey Chamber of Commerce

"Sherry is a very knowledgeable businesswoman providing a service which enables the growth of businesses and the development of new enterprises promoting growth in the economy. The Delta Chamber has, and will continue to recommend her program to those needing this type of assistance."

− Sarah Gardner, Manager, Delta Chamber of Commerce

"Sherry's training programs are an absolute must for small business owners and budding entrepreneurs. The feedback that we have received on her programs has always been extremely positive. The material and presentation are both professional and informative. Without hesitation we encourage those who need help with their businesses to participate in Sherry's programs."

− Tawni Hall, Director, Women's Information Network

"Sherry has impressed us from the beginning with her high-voltage energy, clearly focussed ambitions and goals, strong research and marketing skills, superb presentation, teaching and interpersonal skills and lively and engaging personality. Once you have had an opportunity to meet Sherry, we are certain you will be as impressed as we have with her abilities and achievements."

− Dee Moon, Director, Women’s Information Network

"You have done an excellent job in turning the Kelowna store around. You're enthusiastic effort to promote and create a successful store should be an inspiration to all Dealers. The Kelowna store had the best chocolateries increase of the whole chain. I think you deserve the champagne! Congratulations and enjoy"

− Bernard Callebaut, President, Bernard Callebaut Chocolaterie


"Your course has given me tremendous information and inspiration. Your belief in yourself, love of your business and professionalism, with humour, has ignited me"

− Janet Cox

"From going through our Incorporation together, to getting us off on a good foot, to helping us with promotion as well (especially) helping us with the business plan, you have been patient, fun to work with, and most important extremely well informed"

− Fay Marley-Clarke

"Up until our meeting I found myself floundering in a sea of business information. Through Sherry we found a wealth of information and most importantly received a direction in which to go. Thanks again for this service. It has truly been a God send to me"

− Charlene Toporowski

"I wish to comment on the efficacy and value of your One on One Counselling Program. We met with Sherry in respect of updating the business plan for our law firm. We have found that the information was valuable and provided in a time effective manner"

− Michelle Gahagan

"I can go on and on with the benefits of derived from attending this course but really, this letter was just meant to thank you for caring - I think this is a common sentiment shared by the class"

− Rita Fathi

"I must say, your course was the best I have ever taken. It was precise, informative and to the point. Never have I walked away with so much knowledge in such a short time. Rather than brush the surface with generalities, you have truly supplied us with in-depth and comprehensive material"

− Gary Seebacher

"An attempt to thank you for the help you have given me so far would be inadequate. I do not believe I would have gotten this far without your assistance. I take particular notice of how you really put everything you have into whatever you are doing. I try to emulate that"

− Gordon Marx

"Now that I am about to proceed with my business on a full time basis, I don't think I could have chosen a more related seminar than yours. I want you to know that if any of my friends or business contacts are in need of your services, I will be recommending you highly"

− Kim McClelland

"As a new member of your Alumni Association, I am most impressed with the services offered. To have compiled such as extensive package is evidence of your care and concern of your members' interests. Congratulations on your professionalism, on your obvious caring about each member. Your approach is the epitome of true servant-leadership -- leadership though service to others"

− Dorothy Blandford